I woke up this morning to find out that I had gotten a response to a Feedback Assistant bug I had filed for a recent beta version of Xcode. The issue was around the re-ordering of the new document tabs. This really made my day that someone took the time to fix this. It was such a small issue, but was annoying enough that I actually submitted a Feedback Assistant, something I haven’t done too often. I know not every Feedback is able to be fixed, but it is always reassuring to know they are being looked at and addressed when possible. In fact, this has put me in such a good mood that I’ve already filed two more Feedbacks this morning :]

One quick aside - when my Feedback was responded to it was removed from Submitted and moved to Inbox. I didn’t realize this had happened as the issue got mixed in with all the other beta release note messages in the Inbox. I actually thought it had been deleted. Once I responded on the issue, it moved back to the Sumbmitted section. I guess this kind of makes sense, but something to keep in mind.